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An epic that began with a simple pencil and now spans over 15 years of experience, with the realization of 130 projects around the world.

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In the heart of Paris's bustling 8th arrondissement, our Landscape Architect office is the strategic hub of Landscape Consulting. From here, we skillfully orchestrate the management of landscaping projects across France, Europe and the Middle East. Our dynamic presence in Paris is testament to our commitment to bringing a distinctive touch to every landscape, from the charm of Parisian streets to the distant horizons of the Middle East, shaping unique and iconic environments.

25 rue Cambacérès

75008 PARIS



Nestled in the heart of Cotonou, our office in Benin is the operational bastion of Landscape Consulting, dedicated to the blossoming of landscapes in West Africa and beyond. From this bustling, fast-developing city, we nurture a pan-African vision through our team of local Landscape Architects, shaping spaces that reveal the very essence of each place. From Benin to the breadth of the continent, our team in Cotonou embodies our commitment to creating exceptional landscapes that transcend geographical boundaries.

Quartier Résidentiel Zogo Ehozo

Rue 5090 Cotonou


Cotonou Landscaping Office in Benin
Landscape Project Abu Dhabi

Coming soon in 2024!

In partnership with a local architect, the agency will open a new branch in the Middle East in 2024.

Global Expertise

At Landscape Consulting, our difference lies in our global expertise. With over 15 years' experience, we have shaped landscapes on three continents - Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Our team of seasoned landscape designers skilfully combines local cultural influences with an innovative approach, creating unique green spaces that transcend geographical boundaries.

Customized approach

We believe in the power of individuality. Our philosophy is based on a personalized approach to every project. Through in-depth discussions with our customers, we understand their aspirations, values and vision. This personal connection guides our design process, ensuring that every landscape creation reflects not only our expertise, but also the dreams and identities of those we design for.

Harmony and Sustainable Innovations

Landscape Consulting is committed to the symbiosis of nature and sustainable innovation. Our philosophy incorporates environmentally friendly practices, promoting biodiversity and conservation. Each project is an opportunity to rethink norms, explore new ideas and create spaces that celebrate natural beauty while embracing ecological and sustainable solutions for long-term positive impact.

A landscape partner at your side

Much more than just a landscape design office, we're a real family united by shared values. Our strength lies in the passion and skills that drive every member of our team.

With us, you'll find more than just a team of experts; you'll discover partners committed to making your projects a fulfilling reality. Whether you're an individual, a professional, a company or a community, let us guide you through the development of your outdoor projects.

Multidisciplinary Approach: Redefining Spaces, Expanding Horizons

Our multidisciplinary approach is the foundation of our uniqueness in the landscaping sector. As landscape designers, our profession goes far beyond traditional outdoor landscaping. We create spaces that are aesthetically pleasing, ecological, recreational and convivial, redefining the very notion of landscape.

Our expertise extends far beyond the conventional boundaries of the landscape sector. We have broadened our range of skills to offer turnkey projects, collaborating with experts in various fields:

Architecture: We work hand in hand with a number of architects, each bringing his or her own unique sensibility, whether in heritage preservation, design or innovative construction techniques.

  • Botany: We are constantly learning, expanding our knowledge to become specialists in tropical plants in West Africa and the Middle East, reinforcing our position as a leader in supporting plantations in these regions.

  • Landscape: Every detail is carefully crafted, from axes to spaces, from volumes to materials, creating a space that reflects your identity, whether through floors, borders, planters, or garden or street furniture.

  • Scenography: Imagining atmospheres for special spaces, creating itineraries for tourist or leisure areas, scenography is our passion, bringing our creations to life.

  • Lighting: In collaboration with lighting designers or in-house, we create a variety of lighting scenes to enhance landscaping, offering a night-time experience full of surprises.

Irrigation: The durability of your outdoor spaces is our main concern. We develop in-house automatic watering plans adapted to each type of space, using techniques ranging from micro-irrigation to fine rain reproductions for tropical greenhouses.

Expertise cultivated over more than 15 years

In the field for over a decade and a half, our team of landscape architects has forged solid expertise in a variety of fields. From refined terrace landscaping to vast expanses of parkland, from sunny gardens to urban patios, we've left our mark in places as varied as hotels, water parks, zoos, tropical greenhouses, offices, EHPAD, and apartment buildings.

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