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The first landscaping agency in Benin.

After inaugurating our first landscape architecture agency 6 years ago in Benin, we have designed and built a number of prestigious parks and gardens. The aim of this expansion is to share our international expertise as landscape architects and use our know-how for the benefit of Benin.

With six years' experience in Cotonou, we are building a landscape heritage through a multitude of projects, contributing to the development of a genuine landscape industry dedicated to Benin and the whole of West Africa. It was in this spirit that Benin's first Landscape Architect technical design office was created, symbolizing our commitment to promoting excellence in landscape design in the region.

private villa garden in benin in Cotonou


An experienced landscape architecture firm in Africa

Located in the heart of Cotonou's Zongo Ehuzu district, our team of landscape designers in Benin dedicates its expertise to the design and development of gardens and green spaces. Whether it's to enhance your home, create enchanting parks, embellish tourist sites, design hotel complexes, fit out offices or transform residential homes, our Cotonou agency is committed to bringing your projects to life as a Landscape Project Manager.

Our Landscaping services in Cotonou, Benin are distinguished by customized services, including:

  1. Development of a sketch/feasibility study in response to our in-depth discussions.

  2. Design of detailed plans, sketches and computer graphics of your future green spaces.

  3. Careful selection of plants endemic to Benin and materials perfectly suited to your environment.

  4. In-depth technical studies (masonry, irrigation, drainage, etc.).

  5. Assistance in the choice of contractor and rigorous monitoring of work through to completion.

Entrust us with the design of your landscape dreams, and let our team bring to life lush spaces that reflect your vision and meet your requirements.

porcelain stoneware slabs with chlorophytum bedding
seaside garden in Benin designed by a landscape gardener
designer pool with bougainvillea in Africa

A landscape gardener in Benin and beyond ...

LANDSCAPE CONSULTING, a pioneer among landscape architects in Africa, works in many of the continent's countries. Anchored in a local approach, our numerous projects are carried out by a multidisciplinary team on site, in close contact with the landscape characteristics of the sites. All year round, our teams of landscape architects criss-cross Africa to propose projects that are consistent with each country's environment, and to increase our knowledge of the specific regional features of each country.

A Pan-African agency

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