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front of the Burberry store in Paris

Burberry's Prestige Terrace: Ode to Urban Elegance

In the heart of the prestigious Faubourg Saint-Honoré, our project for the terrace of the Burberry flagship embodies the very essence of luxury and urban elegance. Every detail has been designed to create an exceptional experience for our privileged clientele.


Project features :

The nobility of natural stone: The terrace, designed with noble materials, highlights the timeless splendor of natural stone. Each slab, each contour, evokes craftsmanship that harmonizes with Burberry's iconic aura.

Exquisite vegetation: The terrace's surroundings are adorned with meticulous vegetation. Carefully selected plants provide a refined touch of greenery, framing this exclusive space. A plant symphony that transcends urbanity.

Luxury furniture: The furniture is the centerpiece of this terrace, embodying the ultimate in luxury. Each seat, each table, is a functional work of art, meticulously chosen to offer exceptional comfort to our discerning clientele.

The Experience :

Each visit becomes an immersive escapade into the refined world of British fashion and style. Privileged customers are invited to relax in elegant surroundings, away from the hustle and bustle of Paris, while savoring the essence of the brand.


The Terrace as an Extension of the Flagship:

Our vision goes beyond the simple terrace - it becomes a natural extension of the flagship. Materials, textures, nuances - everything is orchestrated to create a harmonious continuity between inside and outside, offering an exclusive and immersive shopping experience.

An Unmissable Stop in Paris:

La Terrasse Prestige is much more than just an outdoor space. It's a must-see destination for those seeking the perfect blend of luxury, nature and sophistication. A sanctuary where privileged clientele can retreat while remaining in the heart of the Parisian hustle and bustle.

Terrace of the Burberry store in Paris

Location: Paris (FRANCE)

Landscape designer: Landscape Consulting


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