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The Marina project in Ouidah, currently under construction, is an ambitious project initiated by the Presidency of the Republic of Benin. Set between ocean and mangrove swamp, it aims to create a regional and international attraction dedicated to culture and memorial tourism, retracing the centuries-long history of slavery. The work of landscape architect LANDSCAPE CONSULTING focuses on highlighting the existing biotope and exceptional endemic flora.

masterplanner of a resort
luxury swimming pool with. palm trees in Africa

A multi-faceted project

Landscape Consulting is assisting this government project with the design and planning of the landscaping.
The complex includes an arena with a green theater, a 350-space landscaped parking lot, bars, restaurants, leisure areas, ponds, swimming pools and water features, a full-scale reconstruction of a slave ship to be visited by boat, a botanical garden, an artisans' village, several hotels and many other features.
This development is a concrete expression of Benin's international influence.

botanical garden in Benin
memorial with name plaques of slaves in Benin
pond of the botanical garden in benin

A preserved identity

- Botanical garden

The Garden of Remembrance: Benin's Nature Integrated Radiance

The Garden of Remembrance, a unique creation, is inspired by the rich cultural heritage of Brazil, combined with a subtle fusion with the indigenous vegetation of Benin. Comprising three distinct atmospheres, the Brazilian garden offers an organic, immersive experience, inviting visitors to explore a world where architecture and nature intertwine harmoniously.

Main features :

  1. Authentic Architecture: Iconic architectural elements, such as undulating shapes, dynamic facades and vivid colors, are artistically integrated into the garden landscape.

  2. Indigenous vegetation from Benin: To create an organic and eco-friendly experience, indigenous vegetation from Benin is carefully woven into the garden. Endemic species, selected for their beauty and symbolism, evoke a deep connection with the earth.

  3. Freedom of Exploration: Unlike traditional gardens, the Jardin du Souvenir encourages freedom of exploration. Visitors are invited to wander at their own pace, discovering hidden nooks and crannies, unique vistas and striking architectural details.

technical section of the village in Benin

The Seaside Vodou Arena: A Mystical Sanctuary Under the Sky

Spiritual Harmony between Sea, Earth and Vodou

The seaside Vodou Arena emerges like a mystical symphony, where natural elements and spiritual energies converge. Surrounded by a verdant canopy and bordered by the singing waves of the sea, this sacred space embodies the very essence of Vodou, celebrating the profound connection between man and nature.


Main features of the Vodou Arena :

  1. Circular layout: The arena adopts a circular layout, symbolizing unity and continuity. It encourages total immersion, inviting participants to feel enveloped by the mystical energies emanating from the center.

  2. Altar Central: At the heart of the arena stands an altar, a focal point for Vodou ceremonies and rituals. Adorned with sacred symbols and divine representations, the altars capture the essence of Vodou and serve as a link between the visible and the invisible.

  3. Surrounding Protective Trees: Majestic trees, carefully selected for their symbolism and imposing presence, surround the arena. Their foliage provides protective shade, creating a natural sanctuary where Vodou spirits can manifest themselves freely.

  4. Panoramic sea view: The arena is positioned to offer a breathtaking panoramic view of the sparkling sea. The changing reflections of the sun on the waves and the sea breezes contribute to the magical atmosphere, reinforcing the link between the physical and spiritual worlds.

  5. Symbolic paths: labyrinthine paths, decorated with symbolic motifs and consecrated stones, wind around the arena. These paths invite participants to follow an initiatory journey, symbolizing the spiritual journey within the Vodou tradition.

marina craft village project in Benin


The Village Artisanal  stands as a vibrant testimony to the country's cultural richness, where ancestral crafts come to life in an inspiring environment. Nestled in the heart of lush nature, this village becomes a place where the authenticity of tradition meets the creativity of craftsmen.


Visitors are encouraged to interact with artisans, ask questions about ancient techniques and discover the cultural stories behind each creation. Interactive workshops allow the curious to try their hand at the crafts themselves, creating lasting memories of their visit.


The Future Epicenter of Modern Hospitality under Construction

The Hotel Dhawa, an architectural work in progress, stands as an icon of contemporary elegance and innovation. Located in the heart of the Ouidah Marina, this ambitious hotel project embodies the perfect blend of avant-garde design and understated luxury, promising an unforgettable experience for travelers from all over the world.


Relaxation areas, including an infinity pool, landscaped gardens and panoramic terraces, are being created to offer guests exceptional moments of relaxation. Elegant bars and gourmet restaurants complete the culinary experience.

The Dhawa Hotel, currently under construction, promises to redefine the hotel experience in the region by offering a unique combination of modern design, sumptuous comfort and technological innovation. Travelers in search of a luxurious getaway can already feel the palpable excitement as this exceptional establishment takes shape, ready to open its doors to a discerning international clientele.

Dhawa Banyan Tree hotel in Benin


Owner: Republic of Benin

Architect: EREMCO / MAAC

Landscape designer: Landscape Consulting

Operator: Dhawa - BANYAN TREE

Surface : + 10 ha

Budget : 60 millions €


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