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patio of a luxury hotel

LAZ'Hotel - SPA ****

This recently inaugurated Parisian hotel, both elegant and trendy, expressed the desire to design its terraces, patio and various passageways within the establishment to breathe a touch of nature into its contemporary architecture.


As landscape architects, our mission is to give hotels a distinctive visual identity, creating spaces that are well-groomed, planted, warm and unique. Our approach aims to offer travelers a welcoming experience that's different from what they're used to, emphasizing a landscape aesthetic that blends harmoniously with the modern character of the establishment.

luxurious garden in a Parisian hotel
green swimming pool of a luxury hotel in Paris

Landscaping & Garden design

An obsolete wall has been transformed thanks to magnificent wood cladding, with a meticulously elaborate pattern. The patio floor, clad in exotic wood planks, breathes a special warmth into the space, creating a natural, welcoming atmosphere. The elegantly designed pots were handcrafted by artisans, offering unique pieces perfectly suited to each corner.


A superb Acer japonica sits majestically in one of the pots, accompanied by helix and ivy in a graphic, drooping design. This plant composition creates a lively, aesthetic tableau, adding an artistic dimension to the patio and reinforcing the impression of connection with nature.

Decorative elements and the play of light are an essential part of a landscaper's expertise. Various natural wicker lighting fixtures were suspended along stainless steel cables, adding a touch of lightness and creating a warm, enveloping ambience in this patio. Given that patios are frequently used in the hotel industry, both during the day and at night, well-designed lighting is crucial to encourage visitors to extend their stay and fully appreciate the space.

view from a terrace. hotel on the Sacre Coeur in Paris

As for the indoor pool, elegant terracotta vases, meticulously shaped by hand, have been carefully arranged, hosting exotic vegetation such as cycas revoluta and palm trees. The introduction of this vegetation lends the space a distinctive aesthetic, creating an atmosphere that transports visitors to Mediterranean and Oriental lands.


The strategic use of carefully selected plants and handcrafted containers contributes to a pool setting that goes beyond mere functionality, offering an immersive visual and sensory experience inspired by distant, sun-drenched landscapes.

wooden slatted terrace of a hotel
potted vegetation in a hotel spa
revegetation of a bar by Landscape Consulting

In detail ...

Landscaping hotel interiors | Our work as landscape architects also involves decorating interior spaces. In this example, the decision was taken to embellish the lounge and bar area using high-quality artificial plants, a strategic solution to overcome the various technical constraints associated with maintaining natural plants. Recent advances in the field of artificial plants make this product, when carefully integrated, an excellent way to adorn interiors.

The careful selection of quality artificial plants guarantees not only an authentic visual appearance, but also durability over time without the need for constant maintenance. This approach thus offers a practical and aesthetic alternative for creating welcoming, verdant interiors, despite technical constraints or specific environmental conditions.


Intimate terraces and balconies | Many of the hotel's suites feature terraces or balconies. These outdoor spaces have been carefully landscaped with garden furniture, planters and lush vegetation, transforming the terraces into exclusive new rooms. To enhance the views over Paris, the high surfaces have been embellished with green roofs, including sedum and other plant species.

This initiative aims not only to improve visual aesthetics, but also to promote a more ecological and sustainable vision of space. The green roofs help to create a natural atmosphere and harmoniously integrate the hotel's structure into its urban environment, offering occupants a unique experience combining luxury, nature and environmental responsibility.


Urban integration of plants | Landscape Consulting's key role in the context of hotels, particularly in Paris, lies in creating a harmonious connection between nature and the highly urbanized environment of a major city. To achieve this, stainless steel cables were carefully installed to support jasmines along a red brick cladding. Star jasmines (Trachelospermum jasminoides) were chosen for their ability to thrive in low-light areas such as patios, and for their ability to quickly form plant walls when given support.

This ingenious landscaping approach creates green spaces in the midst of urban bustle, offering visitors and residents a pleasant visual experience and a direct connection with nature, even in a densely populated urban environment.

Location: Paris (FRANCE)

Landscape designer: Landscape Consulting



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