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Lodge with a view of polar bear
enclos ours polaire

Exceptional lodge at La Flèche Zoo

Landscape Consulting, the benchmark for harmonious integration between man and nature, is proud to present its landscaping project for the exceptional lodges at La Flèche Zoo. A subtle blend of modern comfort and natural immersion.

The main objective as Landscape Architect was to create an exceptional experience for visitors, offering lodges that are not just accommodations, but sanctuaries integrated into the zoo's unique environment, with striking views of the majestic polar bears.

Sketch of a lodge in a zoo
Entrance to a luxury lodge at a zoo

The advantages of this layout

  • An Enchanted Entrance: Visitors are greeted by an elegant entrance, marked by a wooden staircase, evoking an immediate connection with nature. This access path creates a fluid transition between the urban world and the natural refuge of the lodges.

  • A dry, landscaped garden: Around the lodges, a dry, landscaped garden has been designed, recreating the atmosphere of a coniferous forest. The textures and shades of green create a soothing atmosphere, emphasizing the harmony between the human constructions and the natural landscape.

  • Open-air Hammam: For a totally relaxing experience, an open-air hammam has been integrated. Surrounded by lush nature, it offers a serene refuge where visitors can recharge their batteries while remaining connected to the outside environment.

  • Mi-Ouvert Design Garden Lounge: The relaxation area is completed by a semi-open design garden lounge, offering a spectacular view through a bay window of the polar bears and their pond. It's a place where contemporary design blends with the majesty of nature.

Drawing of a tall lodge garden with hammam
Master plan of a high-end lodge
A hammam in a garden
View of the Polar Bear Pond from a luxurious lodge

Emotional and aesthetic impact

The landscaping of exceptional lodges creates a unique emotional experience. Visitors are immersed in a setting where modern comforts coexist harmoniously with the raw beauty of nature. Every element, from the lush gardens to the open-air hammam, contributes to an unparalleled immersive experience.


Landscape Consulting is honored to have shaped a space where man and nature meet in elegant fashion. The exceptional lodges at La Flèche Zoo redefine the way we interact with our environment, offering an unforgettable experience in the heart of the wild majesty of polar bears.



Location: La Flèche Zoo (FRANCE)
Owner: Groupe Looping

Landscape designer: Landscape Consulting

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