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lodge room. luxury with a view of the lions

Captivating Extension : The New Chapter
of La Flèche Zoo

Landscape Consulting is delighted to have worked on the innovative project to extend the La Flèche Zoo. The agency's Landscape Architect team drew up the Masterplan for this vast project. This ambitious expansion aims to offer visitors an immersive, educational and unforgettable experience at the heart of African diversity.

masterplan of a zoo
lion exhibit

Project highlights

  • Accommodation: The vision includes accommodations overlooking a vast African plain. Visitors will have the privilege of waking up in the midst of immersive nature, observing majestic African animals evolving in their habitat.

  • Presentation of Colobus and other African animals: An area dedicated to the presentation of Colobus and other African animals offers an educational immersion. Carefully designed areas allow visitors to observe these fascinating creatures in environments that faithfully reproduce their natural habitat.

  • Mini Farm for Children: In a playful educational approach, a mini farm has been designed especially for children. They will have the opportunity to interact with domestic animals, promoting wildlife awareness while fostering respect and love for animals.

  • Endemic Plant Trail: A plant trail showcasing the wealth of endemic plants. Visitors can wander through a verdant oasis, discovering plant biodiversity while being swept away by the natural beauty of the environment.

living room of a lodge with. view of lions

Owner: Groupe LOOPING

Landscape designer: Landscape Consulting 

Zootechnician: Marc ESCABASSE


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