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Plant Renaissance of an Iconic Building

We are proud to present our landscaping project dedicated to the rehabilitation of the exterior landscaping of a building steeped in history in PANTIN. At the heart of this transformation, our team of landscape designers strove to create a harmonious balance between aesthetics, respect for the environment and sustainability.

alley of a pardin for a building under rehabilitation,
dwg plan of a planted terrace

Rehabilitation under the sign of plants

Terrasses Multiples, Havres de Sérénité: Several terraces have been meticulously landscaped to offer varied outdoor spaces conducive to relaxation. Each of these high-rise oases has been conceived as a unique place, where landscape design blends with functionality, offering urban retreats for residents.


Refined aesthetics, visual harmony: Aesthetics play a central role in our approach. Every element, from the choice of materials to the design of the planting, is meticulously thought through to create visual harmony. The aim is to transform these outdoor spaces into a natural extension of the renovated architecture, elegantly merging past and present.

Choice of species in accordance with the PLUi : In line with the Local Intercommunal Urban Plan (PLUi), our team has made a judicious choice of plant species. Plantings were selected on the basis of their adaptation to the local climate, their contribution to biodiversity, and their harmonious integration into the urban landscape defined by the PLUi.

Fostering Biotope, Urban Ecosystem: We have placed particular emphasis on creating a supportive urban biotope. By integrating native plants, bird boxes and spaces for local wildlife, we aim to build a balanced urban ecosystem and encourage biodiversity in the urban environment.

Durable Materials, a Sustainable Commitment: Choosing sustainable materials was our priority. From furniture to flooring, each element has been selected for its durability, weather resistance and reduced environmental impact. This approach guarantees the longevity of outdoor landscaping while helping to preserve our planet.

green facade of a building in section
rooftop project for an office building
green terrace with porcelain stoneware floor

In short, our landscape design project for the exterior landscaping of this building undergoing rehabilitation embodies our commitment to urban harmony, meticulous aesthetics and environmental sustainability. We are delighted to contribute to the transformation of this space into a peaceful destination, where nature and urbanity coexist in a balanced and inspiring way.

Location: Pantin (FRANCE)

Architect: ORY  

Landscape designer: Landscape Consulting

gallery building in Pantin


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