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croquis d'un parc aquatique

Hotel Sylvamar - Water park

drone view of a water park
an outdoor performance hall in a campsite

Design and layout of a themed water park

Based on a Hawaiian theme, the agency produced this design for an upscale campsite wishing to expand its leisure activities as well as its existing pools.
In the ultra-competitive campsite sector, it's essential to offer a site with a distinctive atmosphere. We therefore supported the design of the project to increase the area dedicated to leisure and relaxation at the campsite by proposing innovative activities.

The landscaping helps to isolate the space, give it an identity and build up the different zones in a natural, exotic ambience. The lush vegetation of palms, phormiums and other Mediterranean plants plunges visitors into a soothing, remote atmosphere.
Care has also been taken to ensure that the pathways blend into the landscape, while at the same time showing users the way and the directions to take.
The design of the flowerbeds, the rustic décor, the riprap and other elements complete the overall scene.

To make a lasting impression and win the loyalty of holidaymakers and tourists, you need a strong concept that will be remembered and exploited by social networks and visual advertising. The concept here revolves around a volcano made of artificial rocks of immense size, with slides running through its walls and numerous games and waterfalls inside. Unlimited fun for kids, who'll want to come back again and again.

masterplan of a water park
A Lazy River in a Water Park
3d design of a water park

An immersive universe

Water park design

Designing a water park is a complex project involving many challenges. Landscape Consulting, specialists in the design of these worlds, innovate to make each space a discovery. 


For the design of the Sylvamar water park, we imagined a coherent theming on the theme of Hawaii, synonymous with escape to nature and discovery. We created an immersive and coherent experience throughout the park. We had to ensure that every attraction, every space and every detail was harmoniously integrated into the park's overall theme (reference colors, decorations, floor textures, vegetation reminiscent of the archipelago's lush flora...).

Throughout the design process, a special effort was made to ensure that the theming of the park was in harmony with the challenges inherent in this type of installation, thus turning the design into an asset rather than a source of inconsistency. The same applies to all aspects of this type of installation:

Safety: Water parks must meet strict safety standards. We've designed attractions that are both exciting and safe.

Water management: Water management is essential in a water park. This includes water circulation within attractions, water treatment to ensure cleanliness, and water flow management to avoid flooding and ensure efficient use.

Environmental sustainability: Integrating sustainable practices into park design, whether in terms of water use, waste management or energy efficiency, is increasingly important.

Universal accessibility: Ensuring that the park is accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities, is a major challenge. This includes the design of accessible attractions, adapted paths and appropriate sanitary facilities.

Optimal customer experience: Designing attractions that offer a memorable and entertaining experience while managing waiting times, providing comfortable rest areas and offering a variety of food and service options is a delicate balance.

Ongoing maintenance: Water parks require ongoing maintenance to keep attractions running smoothly, facilities clean and visitors safe. Designing facilities that are easy to maintain is a crucial aspect of design.

Constant innovation: Water parks must remain competitive by regularly offering new attractions and experiences. This requires a culture of constant innovation in design and development.

By overcoming these challenges, Landscape Consulting designs attractive, safe and sustainable themed water parks that offer visitors an unforgettable experience.

Drawing of a water park with rocks

Mineral meets plant

Like the Hawaiian archipelago, we wanted to recapture the unique impression of nature emerging from the ocean and the tropical flora that settles in as the rock faces give it the chance.


The park is built around this emblem of the volcano, made of sculpted concrete, whose rocky peaks grow at ground level with vegetation typical of this island.

All the water experiences will take place through this representation of the volcano, with the slides using its faults to make their way down and make the descent unforgettable...

Location: Labenne, Landes - France

Program: Design of a water park


Project management and design: LANDSCAPE CONSULTING

Schedule: Delivered


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