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interior courtyard of Google France headquarters

GOOGLE FRANCE - Head office

Our Landscape Consulting agency was chosen by the American multinational to design its indoor garden. The aim was to create an environment conducive to cohesion between employees, encouraging both individual work and coworking in an outdoor space adapted to the needs of isolation or group work. Specific areas dedicated to bicycles and other facilities were integrated, all in a design spirit, natural and representative of the company's identity.

Using innovative installation techniques, weathered materials and carefully considered plant selection, this garden stands out for its unique character. The courtyard, including a new basement, required the application of all the expertise of our professionals for a successful technical implementation.

garden of the Google France headquarters
a design bicycle shelter in drawing

Landscaping & Garden design

A refined entrance leads to a lush, green garden, designed to encourage interaction and links between people. Accessibility is ensured by a PMR elevator, while specific skylights have been integrated into the flower beds to bring natural light to the basement. Custom-designed, organic benches dot the space, some of them creating alcoves conducive to exchanges and outdoor work. These benches are accompanied by steel pergolas, supporting climbing plants to isolate the space.


Considered a Protected Green Space (PGS), the garden is home to uncultivated plants, all perfectly adapted to the geographical area. Particular attention was paid to the selection and application of materials for the garden's landscaping. The green spaces thus form a plant corridor, in harmony with the other green havens, promoting urban biodiversity in the city of Paris.

sketch of the Google France garden project
construction of a wooden terrace in a courtyard in Paris
details of the Google garden in Paris

In detail ...

Once a simple parking lot, its transformation into an authentic slab garden required the application of a variety of innovative techniques. The planted garden is based on a concrete structure, but thanks to a well-thought-out concept and in-depth studies, it manages to transcend the presence of hard soil and create the immersive illusion of a real country garden. The use of specific materials played a crucial role in this metamorphosis.


The base of the garden rests on a concrete slab carefully designed to provide solid support while facilitating plant growth. Plants specially selected to thrive in a small volume of substrate were integrated, and a clever interplay of volumes and heights was introduced to enrich the garden's visual diversity.


The choice of materials was essential to create a natural and aesthetic atmosphere. Exotic wood planks were used to delineate paths and rest areas, bringing an organic warmth to the concrete surroundings. Marble gravel was judiciously placed to create permeable surfaces, promoting drainage while adding an aesthetic touch with its characteristic texture and color. In addition, corten steel was incorporated into structural and decorative elements, adding a modern yet rustic dimension to the whole.


A precise, engineered drainage system was integrated to ensure efficient water management, contributing to the garden's sustainability. The juxtaposition of materials such as exotic wood, marble gravel and corten steel has created harmony between the garden's natural character and the surrounding urban environment, offering visitors a unique experience.

wooden and solid terrace with mulch

Location: Paris (FRANCE)
Client: GOOGLE


Landscape designer: Landscape Consulting

Company: EDL


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