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grass with seats in front of a cinema screen on a terrace
Cocktails on a rooftop bar

Hôtel Paradisio - Rooftop design

Sketch of the outdoor cinema project on a rooftop
terrasse en bois avec banc en bois sur rooftop

The first Rooftop Cinema in Paris

Landscape Consulting and its team of landscape architects have brought the MK2 Group's Hotel-Cinema project to fruition, combining innovative design and avant-garde techniques to give life to this singular space nestled in the heart of the capital.

The Rooftop, the jewel in the crown of this project, features a grassed surface that is both resistant and aesthetically pleasing. A parterre where a multitude of deckchairs invite spectators to enjoy the latest masterpieces of the seventh art. With a limited number of seats, this unique cinematic experience takes place on the rooftops of Paris, allowing moviegoers to enjoy unrivalled ambient lighting in the evening, sheltered from the tumultuous noise of the city.


This innovative landscaping offers an open-air cinematic oasis, fusing the luxury of an intimate experience with the magic of Parisian nights, creating an exceptional venue for film lovers in search of a unique getaway.

bar on a rooftop in Paris
garden with plants on a rooftop in Paris
bar design drawing for a terrace

A rooftop garden

A discreet refuge for a magical evening is offered in this exceptional location. A bar area for refreshments, a panoramic view over Paris and a Mediterranean plant environment created in a natural way. The green contours shape this immersive cocoon of greenery, a unique oasis in the world.


A variety of plant species make up the planting scheme, including Trachycarpus fortunei, Butterfly Tree, Phormium tenax, Pampas Grass, Dipladennia, Trachelospermum jasminoides, Nandina domestica, Arum, as well as various seasonal perennials. The landscaping is holistically conceived, encompassing the planted Rooftop as well as several private and non-private bedroom terraces, with the aim of creating secluded spaces while keeping maintenance to a minimum.

Bamboo dancing in the breeze, hydrangea paniculata coloring the window boxes, and fragrant lavender all serve to conceal the view and embellish the balconies. Together, they create a plant symphony that enhances the experience, bringing lush intimacy and unrivalled charm to every corner of this exceptional landscaping.

Location: Paris , France

Program: Greening of a rooftop with outdoor cinema

Owner: MK2

Project management and design: LANDSCAPE CONSULTING

Schedule: Delivered


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