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infinity pool of a safari hotel
path to Pendjari safari

Pendjari Safari Lodge

We invite you to discover the very essence of safari with our landscaping project at Pendjari Safari Lodge, nestled in the heart of the Pendjari wildlife reserve in Benin. Our design work was based on transforming the ordinary to create a sanctuary where luxury harmonizes with wild nature.

local stone terrace in Benin
elephant in the Pendjari plain

The project

Respecting the site, offering a unique immersive safari experience while providing top-of-the-range services: the challenges were numerous on this isolated site in the vast Pendjari wildlife reserve.


Several aspects of our landscape design work have shaped this incredible destination:


Infinity Pool with Panoramic View: Our centerpiece infinity pool offers a breathtaking view of the reserve. Immerse yourself in its waters while admiring the majesty of the wildlife. A unique experience that combines relaxation and observation.

Outdoor lounges in local stone: The outdoor lounges, designed with local stone, evoke an upscale ambience while preserving authenticity. Each relaxing corner becomes a privileged vantage point from which to contemplate the raw beauty of the surrounding nature.

These points offer a unique and intimate vantage point for all guests. Composed of opus incertum paving of local granite and bordered by carefully selected rocks, it's the perfect definition of the fusion of the different mineralities of this region in northern Benin.

Laterite paths and boulders: Laterite paths, flanked by natural boulders, guide visitors through the lodge. Each step is an immersion in the reddish earth, underscoring the project's roots in African soil.

Local Flora, A Safari Symphony: Our meticulous use of local flora creates a harmonious link with the surrounding safari. Native species are carefully integrated, transforming the lodge into a natural extension of the reserve. To achieve this, several botanists and visits to local nurseries were necessary to select the different types of plants.

plan of the swimming pool of a safari lodge
Pendjari safari restaurant in local style
infinity pool in a safari hotel in Africa

Upscale ambience, Authentic nature :

Every detail of our landscaping aims to create an atmosphere of refined elegance while respecting the authenticity of the flora and fauna. Our Safari Lodge is an escape where luxury and nature merge in perfect harmony.

A Commitment to Ecotourism :

Beyond visual beauty, our project embodies a commitment to ecotourism. Every choice, from local stone to indigenous plants, is guided by respect for the environment and the preservation of biodiversity.

Owner: SFP

Landscaping contractor: LANDSCAPE CONSULTING

a jacuzzi under construction in a luxury safari


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