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the Chacha Square project in Benin

Historic Rehabilitation: Place Chacha

Landscape Consulting, a renowned landscape design agency, had the privilege of participating in the renovation and rehabilitation of Place Chacha in Ouidah. Our commitment to preserving history and creating aesthetic, functional spaces was at the heart of this ambitious project.

chacha place after the work
the new chacha square in Ouidah

Project objectives

The world-famous Place Chacha has been restored to its former glory thanks to the vision of Landscape Consulting. Our mission was to restore this emblematic site, preserving its historical heritage while transforming it into a major tourist attraction.

Plant beds on the new Chacha Square in Benin
Child in the renovated Chacha Square
Development of the new Chacha Square in Ouidah

Project highlights

Complete renovation: The square has been transformed, revealing its glorious past. We worked meticulously to restore every historic detail, bringing back to life the authentic atmosphere of Chacha Square.

Jardins d'Agrément : Around the square, ornamental gardens have been created, adding a green and peaceful dimension. These landscaped areas offer visitors a unique visual and sensory experience.

Local street furniture: In the interests of sustainability and local enhancement, Landscape Consulting has designed a range of locally-produced street furniture. Each bench, lamp and architectural element reflects local craftsmanship, adding an authentic touch to the space.

Thoughtful architecture: Every architectural detail has been carefully considered to complement the historic environment. The harmony between past and present is embodied in each architectural element, creating a captivating visual synergy.

Tourist and historical impact

The rehabilitation of Place Chacha has transformed the area into a major tourist and historical site. Visitors can now immerse themselves in history while enjoying the contemporary beauty of the environment. Landscape Consulting is proud to have contributed to the preservation of Ouidah's cultural heritage.

The renovation of Place Chacha represents a successful fusion of past and present, creating a place imbued with beauty, culture and history. Landscape Consulting continues to shape spaces that transcend expectations, demonstrating our commitment to excellence and authenticity.

Owner: Republic of Benin

Architect: EREMCO 

Landscape architect: LANDSCAPE CONSULTING


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