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Vodun Square rehabilitation project in Ouidah


In the village of Zoungbodji, there's also another place undergoing renovation: Place Vodun.


This square marks the entrance to a Vodun temple, and is currently planted with five trees and a laterite floor.

The aim of the redevelopment project is to transform this space into a place of life and welcome for the Vodun temple.

To achieve this, a large central bench in concrete and teak will be installed, with an architecture creating the perception of a Vodou mask when viewed from above. This unique bench architecture will also welcome many visitors wishing to rest in a shaded area.

textured mass plan of the Vodun Square redevelopment project

The project

To make this a warm and pleasant place, several planted beds will be created. Both around the trees and on the periphery of the square, they will also provide a framework for pedestrian circulation, making the passageway to the temple more visible than at present.


As this square is sometimes used as a parking lot, several smoothed concrete bollards will also be installed to delimit the surface of Place Vodun from the road right-of-way. This will also limit the effects of root compaction on the ailing Oblivion tree.


These benches will surround tree-like vegetation to create shade, or shrub-like perennials for aesthetic appeal. These benches have been designed to be manufactured sustainably and locally.


Landscaping contractor: LANDSCAPE CONSULTING


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