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Rehabilitation of the Door-of-No-Return 
Ouidah - Benin

The Landscape Consulting team is playing an active role in the restoration and enhancement of this site, an initiative of the Republic of Benin. Facing the Atlantic Ocean, this monument embodies the starting point where slaves began their tragic journey to the Americas. This symbolic place marks the end of a painful journey, from the slaves' villages of origin, via the auction square, the zomaï hut, and many other hardships.

The arch, facing out to sea, symbolizes the last voyage, recalling the small wooden pirogues that carried slaves to the slave ships. Now a tourist landmark, the site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

the door of no return seen at night under the arch
the door. of no return seen from a bench

Project presentation

Landscape Consulting is privileged to present its exceptional rehabilitation project, showcasing the Porte-du-Non-retour, a site steeped in history and emotion. Our vision skilfully combines architecture, symbolism and nature to offer visitors a memorable experience.

Key Project Features

  • Monumental seating area: A vast seating area stretches the length of the site, offering a place of contemplation and contemplation in the face of the imposing architectural work. This space invites visitors to immerse themselves in the symbolism of the site, while offering optimal comfort.

  • Balanced strip of trees: to the right of the seat, a harmonious strip of coconut palms and seaside grapes creates a visual mirror with a similar strip of palms to the left. This plant composition reinforces symmetry and creates a natural aesthetic that blends perfectly into the landscape.

  • Ocean Perspective: A majestic perspective opens onto the ocean, offering visitors a spectacular view. This intentional design creates an immersive atmosphere, emphasizing the connection between the site's history and the infinite grandeur of the ocean.

  • Redesigned access: Access to the Porte-du-Non-retour has been completely redesigned. A large, majestic ramp surrounded by massifs guides visitors to this emblematic site. This transformation creates a fluid transition, preparing visitors for the meaningful experience that awaits them.

  • Local granite paving: On the ground, local Benin granite paving was carefully chosen for its natural beauty and reflection in the sun. This choice provides an enchanting ground base for the monument, highlighting every detail of the architecture and underlining the historic importance of the site.

master plan of the door of no return

Cultural and Visual Impact

This meticulous rehabilitation of the Porte-du-Non-retour is part of an approach that goes beyond aesthetics. It creates an immersive cultural and visual experience, honoring the past while providing an enchanting setting for future generations. Landscape Consulting is proud to contribute to the preservation and enhancement of this iconic site.

the plants of the door of no return

Location: Ouidah (BENIN)

Landscape designer: Landscape Consulting


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