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Interior Replay Boutique in Paris

Fashion Meets Landscape

An immersive experience of our exceptional interior design project for the Replay boutique in Paris.

Project features :

The green walls: Plant walls, veritable living works of art, frame the space with plant-like elegance. Each leaf, each shade, is carefully selected to create a natural setting that fuses with the urban aesthetic.


Above the staircase, a planted wicker hanger creates a sensory experience. The woven wicker intertwines with the greenery, bringing a touch of authenticity and intimacy to the space, inviting a natural descent into discovery.

A Balance of Elegance and Durability:

We designed this landscape with a dual mission: contemporary elegance and environmental sustainability. Every plant is carefully chosen, every wicker strand precisely woven, to create a subtle balance between urban chic and ecological responsibility.

mur végétalisé intérieur dans une boutique
Bamboo in a luxury boutique

Location: Paris (FRANCE)
Client: REPLAY

Luxury Interior Green Wall

Where Fashion Comes to Life:

The Replay boutique in Paris becomes a sanctuary of style and nature. Every visit is an immersion in an urban oasis, where plants and fashion coexist in perfect symbiosis. The space exudes life, energy and sophistication.

Explore our interior design project for Replay Paris, a harmonious marriage of contemporary design, lush greenery and online visibility. This is much more than a clothing store, it's an experience where nature becomes the setting, and fashion blends into the landscape.


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