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the tree of oblivion of the slave route in Benin

Ouidah - Benin

Our landscape designers worked on this emblematic road, linking Ouidah to the beach over a distance of 3.5 km. Discover the key features of this exceptional project.

3d intentions of the slave route project
the pedestrian stop on the road. of the slave in Benin

Telling the story of the road ...

The design of the Route de l'Esclave green spaces encompasses various aspects:

  • Roadside planting: Integration of trees and shrubs along the roadside, creating a green and welcoming setting.

  • Pedestrian walkway: A safe and pleasant pedestrian walkway has been created, encouraging soft mobility and pilgrimage.

  • Pedestrian rest areas: Several rest areas have been created to offer pedestrians a place to rest, observe and enjoy the magnificent mangrove landscape.

  • Monument de l'Arbre de l'Oubli: Enhancement of the Arbre de l'Oubli monument, adding a significant memorial dimension to the Slave Route route.

landscape cutting of plants. in Benin
3d of the slave route project in Benin
plan view of the slave road

Project highlights

  1. Themed route with memorial poles: The Slave Route is thematically conceptualized, integrating numerous memorial poles to honor history and memory.

  2. Dense, tropical and aesthetically pleasing vegetation: The project features lush, tropicalized and aesthetically pleasing vegetation, creating a visual harmony with the natural environment.

  3. Rigorous management of technical elements: Particular attention was paid to the rigorous management of the many technical elements required for the development, guaranteeing optimal, long-lasting operation.


Every element has been designed to create a memorable experience, respectful of history and in perfect symbiosis with the surrounding nature. We are proud to contribute to the enhancement of this emblematic site in Benin.

Location: Ouidah (BENIN)

Landscape designer: Landscape Consulting

Contractor: SOGEA SATOM


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