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TROPICALIA- Tropical greenhouse

A Tropical Eden Sculpted by Natural Design Excellence

As landscape architects who take pride in our craft, we're delighted to present Tropicalia, our most ambitious project yet, a tropical greenhouse designed to amaze and inspire. Immerse yourself in a world where architecture blends harmoniously with nature, creating an unprecedented immersive sensory experience.

textured ground plan of the tropical greenhouse tropicalia
stingray pool in the tropical greenhouse with. cascade

Construction of the world's largest tropical greenhouse

At LANDSCAPE CONSULTING, our passion for the harmony between man and nature translates into a unique approach to landscape design. Tropicalia embodies our commitment to natural design excellence, combining contemporary aesthetics with a deep respect for the environment.

the universe. animal from the Tropicalia greenhouse
otters in an exhibit
armadillos in a tropical greenhouse

Tropicalia Architectural Design Highlights

- Harmonious integration

Tropicalia's architectural lines have been meticulously crafted to create a perfect symbiosis with the surrounding tropical lushness. Every structural element has been designed to offer an immersive experience while preserving the integrity of the ecosystem.

- Sensory Dynamics

From winding paths to tranquil waterways, every corner of Tropicalia has been designed to stimulate the senses. Visitors are invited to discover the architecture through a unique tactile, olfactory and visual experience.

- Durability Built-in

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in every choice of material and infrastructure. Eco-friendly construction techniques ensure a minimal carbon footprint, while the use of eco-responsible technologies ensures efficient resource management.

- Pedagogical Innovation

Tropicalia is not only an architectural masterpiece, but also an educational tool. Educational walkways and information points dotted around the greenhouse provide visitors with an in-depth understanding of landscape architecture and the importance of biodiversity.

view of the lagoon in the largest tropical greenhouse in the world

4) The cliff: Synonymous with gigantism, the program offers the discovery of a cenote inside, partially filled with water in a natural setting reproducing these natural wonders. There's also a space dedicated to the impressive view of a waterfall along this rock face. Noise, light air and mist provide a fantastic scene and spectacle.


5) The lagoon: Journey into an idyllic paradise through a shallow expanse of water enclosed by coconut trees. The experience continues with the crossing of an atol and the exploration of the aquatic world that this space conceals. Visitors can enjoy a fully themed dining area, with a remarkable view of the lagoon and the cliffs in the background for a complete change of scenery.


Key surfaces :

Educational village area: 2,150 sq.m.

Tropical forest zone: 3,800 sq.m.

Marsh area: 4,470 sq.m.

Cliff area: 1800 sq.m.

Lagoon area: 4580 sq.m.

Master plan

The master plan is made up of five main themes, each of which is broken down into its own sub-themes.

1) The pedagogical village: This area includes both the start of the tour and the exit/restoration zone. It's a real living space, with the greatest concentration of "built" elements.


2) The rainforest: visitors will be immersed in a variety of different worlds, showcasing the most unique and extraordinary flora and fauna that tropical zones have to offer. This area also features a number of terrestrial animal exhibits that will enliven and enrich the visit.


3) The marshes: Mainly made up of pools with different themes, it is designed as a true discovery of aquatic environments, with a wide variety of landscapes (from mangroves to Victoria pools, from ray pools to Amazonian pools, etc.) and aquatic species. The tour experience is enhanced by a number of pontoons, island crossings, underwater viewing and more.

technical details in section of a hut construction

TROPICALIA tropical greenhouse

Owner: Opale tropical concept

Architect: Coldefy

Landscape designer: Landscape Consulting

Surface area: 20,000 m²

Budget : 90 millions €


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