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Institutional Landscaping



Public and Real Estate Development

Your Preferred Partner for Landscape Excellence in Tender and Competition Projects

Our team of landscape architects can help you with all your public-sector tender and competition projects (real estate, zac, sports & leisure projects, roads, other institutional projects).

Landscape Consulting's distinctive expertise in the design and development of public spaces stands out for its ability to transform urban environments into innovative and sustainable green spaces. Make every tender an opportunity to collaborate with our landscape architects and give life to exceptional public spaces.


Paris City Hall


Comunauté de Comunes du S

Sables d'Olonnes




Republic of Benin

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Are you an architect looking for a landscape designer for your projects?

Why choose Landscape Consulting?

1. Experience in tenders: Our team of landscape architects brings together a diversity of skills, offering an understanding of architectural projects. We work with you every step of the way to ensure that the landscape is perfectly integrated into your overall vision, and to increase the chances of success for your competitions.

2. Comprehensive support: From the initial sketch to finalization of the DCE, we're there every step of the way. Our commitment is not limited to design, but also extends to coordination with contractors, construction management and post-completion monitoring.


3. Inspiring creativity: Landscape Consulting doesn't just follow trends, we create them. Each project is a blank sheet of paper on which we draw innovative landscapes, in perfect harmony with the architecture you propose.


4. Reactivity and flexibility: We understand the urgency and need for adaptability when it comes to invitations to tender. Our responsive team of landscape architects adapts to your deadlines, while maintaining the necessary quality and rigor. Aware that deadlines are generally short, our organization ensures a response to your landscaping tenders within 24/48 hours.


5. National reach: Landscape Consulting operates throughout France, with several of our landscape architects based full-time in Lyon, Caen and elsewhere. Wherever your project may be, our team is ready to lend its expertise.

We work with many architectural firms (CHAMBERS, Pierre-Yves ROCHON, ADA, AW2, Sulvain GUITTET, MAAC etc.).

Tell us about your tender project requiring the touch of a landscaper, and we'll be delighted to help!

Merci pour votre envoi !

Or by phone

Tél : +(33)6 63 17 58 43

Enhance your real estate projects with our landscape expertise.

Landscape Consulting, your preferred partner as a landscape architect for real estate development, enhances the aesthetic and ecological value of your real estate projects. Whether you're a real estate developer or an architect, our dedicated team offers seamless collaboration, redefining the standards of landscape integration in real estate development. Numerous developers such as ALTAREA COGEDIM, WO2 and PIERREVAL have placed their trust in us. Discover how our expertise transcends every project, creating real estate environments of timeless beauty.

Our approach?

  1. Harmonious integration: Our landscape approach aims to merge natural beauty with architecture, creating real estate spaces where nature and structure coexist harmoniously.

  2. Ecological enhancement: Landscape Consulting is committed to integrating environmentally-friendly design practices (HQE, BREEAM etc.) that promote biodiversity and bring ecological value to every real estate development.

  3. Creativity and differentiation: We bring a unique creative touch to every project, adding distinctive landscape elements that differentiate your real estate developments, making them memorable and attractive.

  4. Personalized support: We understand that every project is unique. Our dedicated team works closely with property developers and architects to understand their specific visions and tailor our approach accordingly.

  5. Complete solutions: Landscape Consulting offers complete solutions, from initial concept to completion, covering all phases of the project. Our team of landscape architects guarantees seamless execution of the landscape vision.

All over France ...

Our office in Paris enables us to cover the whole of France and beyond.

Our team also works from several geographical zones, so you can find us all over France:

- Landscaping Marseille

- Landscaping Lyon

- Landscaping Toulouse

- Landscaping Nice

- LandscapingNantes

- Landscaping Montpellier

- Landscaping Strasbourg

- Landscaping Nantes

- Landscaping Bordeaux

- Landscaping Lille

- Landscaping Reims

- Landscaping Rennes

- Landscaping Metz

- Landscaping Grenoble

- Landscaping Aix-en-Provence

- Landscaping Caen

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