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un ours blanc devant un lodge au zoo

 Landscape Architect 



Oasis d'Aventure: theme park, zoo and water park sculpted by Landscape Consulting

The reference for your Leisure Parks & Zoos

Fascinated by the creation of unforgettable experiences, our Landscape Architects imagine exceptional designs for zoos, theme parks and water parks. Each of our spaces is an invitation to adventure, a harmonious fusion of nature, entertainment and the surrounding landscape.

Creating immersive worlds is an art, where every detail is meticulously thought out to deliver unique experiences.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people explore and learn from our achievements...










At the heart of our passion for landscaping lies a particular expertise that redefines the zoo experience. Landscape Consulting is becoming a key player in the design of extraordinary zoos.

Our distinctive approach combines the artistic precision of our landscape architects with a deep understanding of the needs and habitats of animal species. Each project is an adventure in its own right, where nature is revealed in all its splendor, offering visitors an unparalleled immersion in the captivating world of wildlife.

Through thoughtful design, we create habitats that respect the animals' natural environment while offering visitors an immersive experience. The creation of zoos by Landscape Consulting transcends expectations, bringing a new dimension to the harmonious coexistence between species and human beings.

Our vision of animal displays

Our commitment to animal displays goes beyond mere aesthetics, embracing a holistic and educational vision. We are more than a landscape design firm; we are the architects of experiences that awaken curiosity, learning and connection between visitors and the animal kingdom.

Our approach is based on the conviction that animal displays should not only captivate visually, but also inspire a deep respect for biodiversity. Through meticulously planned designs, we create environments that reflect the animals' natural habitats while fostering enriching educational opportunities.


Each presentation is a living lesson, where visitors are invited to explore, understand and appreciate the diversity of the world's wildlife. Landscape Consulting is committed to redefining the wildlife presentation experience, creating spaces where nature and education harmoniously intertwine. Join us in this mission where the beauty of animals meets the wisdom of preservation and education.

Designing lodges and hotels in zoos

As a fast-growing sector, the design of lodges and hotels within zoological parks is becoming a truly immersive experience. We transcend the traditional boundaries of hospitality by fusing modern comfort with the enchanting proximity of wildlife.

Each lodge and hotel we design is a delicate balance between architectural refinement and harmony with the surrounding nature. We create luxury sanctuaries that offer guests the privilege of living close to the animals, while enjoying the comfort and elegant style of Landscape Consulting.

More than just accommodations, our creations are portals to unforgettable adventures. We are committed to creating spaces that complement the overall zoo experience, where every sunrise on the savannah or rustle of the forest becomes an integral part of the stay. An eclectic harmony where wildlife and luxury coexist magnificently.

How do we design zoos?

Each enclosure, each lodge, each architectural element is crafted with artistic precision. Our team of landscape architects works in tandem with animal conservation experts to create unique spaces that combine functionality, aesthetics and respect for animal welfare.

The best zoological experts are on hand to help you with your project, whether it's a permit, enclosure design or park extension.

Our expertise revolves around :

- Botany: essential for creating an immersive enclosure

- Enclosure decoration (branches, ponds, apparatus, shotcrete, etc.)

- Technical management of this type of installation (fences and restraints, technical buildings, viewpoints, etc.).

- Co-design with animal handlers

- Zootechnics, essential to animal welfare and enclosure operation

- Compliance with EASA (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria) standards and practices


Our process begins with an in-depth analysis, where plans are meticulously crafted to maximize animal comfort, while offering visitors immersive perspectives. Each layout is a harmonious symphony of nature and human ingenuity.

Even before the first building takes shape, our 3D visuals transport customers into a virtual reality, offering a precise, immersive vision of the final project. It's a visual exploration that brings the imagination to life, enabling a complete understanding of the final result.


Our experts collaborate with zoologists, veterinarians and other specialists to ensure that every design element meets the highest standards of animal welfare.

As a result, every zoo designed by Landscape Consulting is the result of a multidisciplinary collaboration, where architecture, detailed plans and 3D visuals are magical tools used to transform dreams into zoological reality.

The different features of a zoo

All zoo facilities are taken into account in our designs and creations:

- Enclosures

- Visitor paths and experiences

- Restraints

- Technical buildings and animal sleeping quarters

- Landscaping and equipment

- Zootechnics


For many years, we've been creating enchanting theme parks, combining magic, design and entertainment.

Various themes :

Every theme park we design tells a captivating story. Our designers explore a variety of themes, from epic adventure to magical fantasy, creating environments where visitors are transported to alternate realities, awakening their imaginations.

Sensory Experiences :

Landscape Consulting sets itself apart by creating unique sensory experiences. From fantastic settings to interactive attractions, every element is designed to immerse visitors in a multi-sensory journey, where touch, sight and hearing combine to create unforgettable memories.

Innovative Architectural Design :

At the heart of our theme parks lies innovative architectural design. From majestic buildings to meticulous details, every element is designed to match the theme, creating a visual harmony that enhances the overall experience.

Artistic collaboration :

Our team works closely with artists, set designers and entertainment experts to bring every idea to life. Every detail, every corner of the theme park is meticulously thought out to offer total immersion in the fantastic universe created.

Innovative Entertainment :

Landscape Consulting pushes the boundaries of entertainment by introducing innovative technologies and interactive attractions.

Sustainability and accessibility:

Alongside magic, we place great importance on sustainability and accessibility. Each theme park is designed with environmentally-friendly practices and features that allow all visitors to participate in this enchanted adventure.


Following the example of the largest tropical and botanical greenhouse in the world (TROPICALIA), currently under study in France, for which our landscaping agency is designing the interior fittings, our expertise will support you in all your tropical greenhouse or botanical greenhouse design/build projects, using the latest innovative and sustainable materials (ETFE, etc.). 

These are dazzling ecosystems, home to a diversity of tropical plants from the four corners of the globe. We recreate exotic environments, offering visitors an immersive escapade in the heart of the jungle, rainforest or arid desert.

Landscape Consulting excels in bioclimatic design, adapting our greenhouses to reproduce the ideal growing conditions for each plant species. From sophisticated irrigation systems to precise temperature controls, every detail is optimized to ensure plant well-being.

Beyond visual beauty, greenhouse designs are powerful educational tools. The agency integrates interactive educational elements to sensitize visitors to botanical diversity and conservation issues related to tropical habitats.

These facilities are dedicated guardians of tropical biodiversity. Each greenhouse designed by is part of a commitment to conservation, aimed at preserving and protecting endangered species while offering the public an immersive and educational experience.

Our team incorporates sustainable practices into the design of every greenhouse. From waste management systems to renewable energy sources, we strive to minimize our environmental footprint while creating inspiring spaces.


Each slide, each wave pool, is designed to offer a unique experience. We integrate cutting-edge technologies and innovative concepts to ensure that every visitor is immersed in the unexpected.

In collaboration with experts, our water parks tell stories through spellbinding themes. Whether it's an adventure on the high seas, tropical exploration or a journey into the future, each area is meticulously themed to offer total immersion.

Safety is our top priority, while guaranteeing unlimited fun. The agency designs pools and attractions to the highest standards, enabling visitors to enjoy themselves with complete peace of mind.

Our water parks aren't just fun zones, they're beautiful waterscapes. The pools blend into the natural surroundings, and the relaxation areas are shaded by lush vegetation, creating enchanting aquatic oases.

The integration of educational and teaching attractions is a new demand that we take to heart, with a great deal of research carried out in-house by our landscape and scenography teams. From interactive zones that teach the basics of water conservation to attractions that celebrate the richness of aquatic ecosystems, every corner of the park is a playful lesson.

Dive with us into these aquatic oases where fun meets creativity, and where every water park designed by Landscape Consulting is a celebration of joy, nature and aquatic adventure.

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