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Landscape Architect Agency in Kinshasa

Our landscapers have been working in the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo for many years, designing your landscaping projects. From our base in Kinshasa, but extending throughout the DRC, we create and deploy our creativity in the service of parks and gardens. 



At Landscape Consulting, we transform space by imbuing it with the vibrant essence of Kinshasa. As landscape architects, we bring an innovative touch to every project. 


Our approach goes beyond mere aesthetics. Whether you're looking for an oasis of calm in the heart of Kinshasa, a verdant retreat in the DRC's many landscapes or a bold expression of local culture through unique landscape designs, Landscape Consulting is your ideal partner.

From Kinshasa to Katanga, our team of landscape designers will be delighted to assist you with your private, institutional or hotel projects. 

a hotel garden by the beach in the DRC

A landscaped resort in the DRC, the first images of our project:

a majestic driveway with vegetable patch and lush garden in Kinshasa, DRC
private design hotel pool in the heart of the African wilderness

Our team of landscape designers imagined and accompanied the realization of this incredible hotel nestled in the heart of the picturesque wild vegetation found throughout the DRC.



Surrounded by oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) plantations in a tropical zone, the monsoon rains are abundant and run off heavily along the land, down the dirt track that leads to the lake. A house on stilts already stands on the shore, extended by a pontoon enabling visitors to embark on a water ride.


An ornamental garden, criss-crossed by wide grassed paths winding through colourful flowerbeds. This tiered garden is sheltered from water run-off by a structure of three terraces held in place by natural stone retaining walls. The selection of plants endemic to the Democratic Republic of the Congo enables the creation of radiant shrubberies such as Millettia laurentii, Guava, Pericopsis elata , Solanum, Diospyros grex , Pervenche de Madagascar, Diospyros canaliculata, Lantana camara, Eremospatha, Cassia, Thevetia and others.

Belvedere pools at different points for total immersion in nature or to contemplate the horizon with a 180° view of the site. 

Walk on the water from the lodge, through palm trees and reeds on the wooden pontoon. You'll enjoy a breathtaking view of the lake, the calm of the water, the reeds and papyrus, and the reflections of the setting sun on the waves.

"Let's sculpt together landscapes that tell stories".


The palm alley, currently a dirt surface, will initially be covered with gravel to make it more comfortable for driving. Kerbs will allow water to run off to avoid the effects of run-off. Finally, a double line of palm trees leads us down to the lake, and their height seems to take us up to the sky.

The tree-lined parking lot. While the garden as a whole is ornamental, the parking lot is no less so. Isolated by carefully designed flowerbeds, cars are kept out of sight. As soon as they arrive, guests enjoy a real gateway to a garden that already promises to be lush. For ground-floor parking, we systematically opt for permeable pavements, made of prefabricated concrete elements with grassed joints. This is a great way of managing rainwater, while at the same time adding a pleasant landscaping touch to these often unsightly spaces.


Lodge and pontoon in front of a restructured riverbank. The design provides an overhang over the water, offering evening strollers a view of the lake with no vegetation to block the view.

The design of the pontoons and banks in the DRC requires a careful selection of the type of wood, Azobé for this project. The choice of species is imperative to guarantee the durability of these structures in a submerged environment.

un jardin d'hôtel sur lac avec piscine à Kinshasa en RDC
ponton sur l'eau dans un jardin sur lac en rdc
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