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Our landscaping team in Senegal

After numerous projects, our Landscape Architect agency is now based in Dakar, Senegal. With several landscaping projects under their belts in Dakar, Nianing, Saint Louis, Pikine and Thiès, our team of Landscape Architects has designed gardens that blend modernity with elements of local culture to revitalize Senegalese landscaping.


Senegal has many microclimates, which have a direct influence on the type of landscaping to be created. From coastal areas sensitive to salt spray, through the drier climate of northern Senegal, to the more tropical Kolda region, the design of exteriors must be in perfect harmony with its environment.


When you choose Landscape Consulting as your landscape architect, you can be sure of a perfect understanding of the Senegalese environment, so that your garden designs will be unique and inspiring.

Vegetated driveway with smooth concrete paving for a designer villa in Senegal

Tropical garden at the entrance to the 'Nitoba' villa

a swimming pool with a swim lane in a tropical garden in Dakar, Senegal

Central garden and swimming pool in the 'Nitoba' villa

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